Video 5: Adapted for Survival-Bats, Electric Fish, and Flying Foxes

Different sensory systems and behaviors fit creatures for life in varied environments. When floods raise water levels by 24 to 30 feet, the forest along the banks of the Amazon and its tributaries are submerged for several months at a time.

  •  "Fish in the Forest" explains how, at the flooded time of the year, fish take up temporary residence in the forest and eat the fruits they find in the area, thereby helping to disperse seeds.
  •  "Electric 'Eyes'" features how, in the murky depths of the Amazon, some fish "see" and survive by generating electric fields. In some species males and females can even be identified by their distinctive electrical patterns!
  •  "Batty Behaviors." In the dark of night Enrico Bernard introduces us to some of the strange adaptations of Amazonian bats. Also introduced are "flying foxes", living in Australia's Queensland rainforest, looking somewhat similar to bats, but in fact an entirely different species.
  • Through the video and related activities your students will:

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