Video 1: What's a Rainforest?

Rainforests are both the result of Earth's planetary processes and a factor in the way our planet functions. The "space" and "physical" science phenomena of Earth's relationship to the Sun help explain why record levels of biodiversity are found in these regions.

  •  "Recipe for a Rainforest" describes the average temperature, rainfall, humidity, and other key physical factors characteristic of rainforests.

  •  "Structure and Characteristics." Ecologist Susan Laurance takes students on a guided tour from top to bottom of the rainforest, pinpointing some of the unique micro-environments and the varied creatures who live there

  •  "The Great Frog Hunt" examines how night and day, and wet and dry seasons are also micro-environments, in which a different "shift" of creatures often appears.

Through the video and related activities your students will:

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