Video 2: The Rainforest Food Web: Competition and Cooperation

Examine both the "classic" food web, in which some organisms gain energy from eating other creatures, and the more recently recognized phenomenon of "mutualistic" relationships, in which two or more organisms benefit from their interaction.

  •  "Heliconia and Hummingbirds." Emilio Bruna describes how this plant species relies on this particular bird species to disperse its pollen throughout the rainforest.
  •  "Ant-Defended Plants" examines two species of plants, one of which has produced small structures to provide shelter for ants, the other of which uses some of its own precious food supply to enlist a small army of ants in its defense.
  •  "Dung, Beetles, and Seeds" features one of the most unusual and memorable experiments exploring mutualism!
  • Through the video and related activities your students will:

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